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Business Lawyer

Business law is a vast area that encompasses numerous facets of the business world. It extensively covers and provides a framework for various business activities. Whether you’re a small business or a giant corporation, you’ll require the services of an attorney well-versed in business law.

A competent business lawyer can provide you with numerous benefits, helping you anticipate problems before they arise. In addition, a business law attorney can protect your company’s interests from legal disputes.

The Vargas Law Office is home to Attorney Ronnie Vargas, one of the most experienced business lawyers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Attorney Ronnie Vargas has over 25 years of legal experience and has successfully served clients in the business world since he began practicing in 1996.

Attorney Ronnie Vargas takes the necessary time to understand the fundamentals of your business and your organization’s goals, ensuring that you receive legal advice pertinent to your needs. Attorney Ronnie Vargas can offer legal counsel for business formation and organization. In addition, if you’re looking for assistance with contract reviews and litigation, the Vargas Law Office can serve your needs.

Business Organization and Formation

Regardless of their organization’s stage, business owners need legal guidance. Entrepreneurs starting their ventures need help distinguishing between business types. Typically, they’ve got two options to consider: an LLC and an S-Corp. Selecting the wrong business type can set your organization back by years. Moreover, it can result in tax complications that you might not be ready to deal with presently.

Attorney Ronnie Vargas can guide you in setting up your business, ensuring that you choose the right business type, depending on your business needs and goals.

Contract Review and Litigation

Likewise, business owners also require assistance with contracts. Whether you need a legal review for a new contract you’ve drafted for a business deal or you’ve got a contract breach, you’ll require the services of a competent business lawyer.

Contract disputes and breaches often result in court proceedings. Whether you’re the defendant or the plaintiff, you’ll need a business lawyer with litigation experience.

Attorney Ronnie Vargas has extensive experience with contract review and litigation that he brings to the table for your organization.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigations involve business entities as parties in civil litigation cases. One of the primary contributors to commercial litigation is contract breaches. However, you might also require a commercial litigator for other reasons, like class-action lawsuits, debtor or creditor actions, employment cases, and more.

Attorney Ronnie Vargas has experience handling commercial and business litigation cases. He has trial experience, handling successful litigation cases. He currently serves as legal counsel for several Milwaukee businesses.

In addition, Attorney Ronnie Vargas is also a certified mediator, making him an ideal choice for businesses seeking alternative dispute resolution measures.

An Experienced Business Lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Business owners in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, seeking legal assistance can turn to Attorney Ronnie Vargas for counsel. With Attorney Ronnie Vargas, you get affordable legal services from an experienced business lawyer well-versed in the field.

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