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Criminal Lawyer

Every individual charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. This has been the guiding principal for attorney Ronnie Vargas in his criminal defense work. With over 25 years of experience attorney Vargas has zealously represented individuals involved in criminal cases.
Fictional works often choose criminal lawyers as the archetype for legal representatives. However, they don’t capture the scope of a criminal lawyer’s functions accurately. Criminal cases can have a significant impact on your life, determining your freedom in many instances. Hence, you need the services of an attorney proficient in criminal law. The Vargas Law Office is home to Attorney Ronnie Vargas, one of the most experienced criminal lawyers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Criminal lawyers tend to represent defendants in all stages of criminal prosecution, ranging from providing counsel during police investigations to defending their client’s case in court.
If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of a criminal charge, you’ll need the services of a criminal lawyer immediately. Many people often don’t understand the repercussions that even a seemingly minor traffic violation can have on their future. Therefore, you’ll require the services of an attorney who’ll fight tooth and nail for your rights.
Throughout his career, Attorney Ronnie Vargas has handled countless criminal cases. These range from traffic violations to criminal demeanors. He can assist you with your legal defense by bringing a comprehensive understanding of criminal law to your corner.

DUI Charges

DUI cases are one of the most common forms of criminal convictions. The Wisconsin legislature treats DUI cases as a severe offense. The law considers anything above the 0.08 BAC limit as impairment, rendering you incapable of driving. First-time offenders can find themselves paying monetary fines between $150 to $300. In addition, they can also expect surcharges. Wisconsin courts also don’t take DUI cases lightly, often revoking licenses for as long as nine months. Charges for repeat offenders are even more severe and often come with possible jail time.
Getting a DUI charge can impair your ability to drive significantly. A revoked driver’s license means you’ll have to rely on another driver for the duration of your DUI charge. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on alternative means of transportation like cabs and ride-sharing services. However, these services can be expensive, resulting in financial setbacks.
Attorney Ronnie Vargas is an experienced DUI attorney. He’s well-versed in Wisconsin’s legislature on DUI laws. Moreover, he has considerable knowledge about DUI defense that can help minimize the impact of a DUI charge.

An Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Whether you’re dealing with a minor criminal offense or something far more significant, you’ll need the services of an experienced criminal lawyer. If you’re from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and this rings true for you, consider contacting the Vargas Law Office.
Attorney Ronnie Vargas is an experienced lawyer with over 25 years of experience. He began practicing the law in 1996 and has amassed an exemplary record over his distinguished career. When you’ve got Attorney Ronnie Vargas in your corner, you can rest assured knowing that a proficient lawyer is fighting for your rights. Partnering with Attorney Ronnie Vargas results in a vigorous defense at an affordable price. Moreover, Attorney Ronnie Vargas’s extensive criminal law knowledge minimizes the repercussions of criminal charges on your life.
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