5 Reasons You Need a Family Law Attorney

Family conflicts often arise. Mostly, these arguments resolve themselves with a little bit of time and space. However, in some situations, family conflicts can become particularly contemptuous. Although such instances are rare, they do occur. Typically, things get heated between couples when they’re initiating separation or divorce. Likewise, circumstances can often become complicated when children are involved. In such cases, you’ll likely need an experienced family law attorney in your corner, helping you navigate through these trying times.

Most people think they only need family lawyers for divorces. However, that isn’t always the case. A family lawyer can also prove beneficial for child support, estate planning, and various other reasons. Let’s explore them in detail.

Reasons You Need a Family Law Attorney

You’ll need a family law attorney for several reasons, depending on your situation. They include:

Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings can be challenging. You’re likely going to undergo a rollercoaster of emotions as you divorce your spouse. Although most divorce cases don’t go to court, sometimes, proceedings can become contentious. In such instances, you’ll need an experienced family lawyer helping you navigate through the situation. In addition, you’ll have several things looming on your mind during divorce proceedings, including making decisions about asset allocation, child support, alimony, etc. Hiring a family lawyer can protect your rights and ensure you get everything you’re seeking.


Adopting a child is a milestone for any family. However, adoption can be a complicated process. Depending on the state you live in, there are numerous barriers you’ll have to jump through before Child Services deems you eligible for adoption. A family law attorney can help you navigate through the process. In addition, they can assist you with the copious amounts of paperwork you’ll have to go through.

Child Custody

Divorces can become tricky when children are involved. Parents will often believe they’re capable of shaping their child’s future, and they’ve their child’s best interests at heart. However, your former partner will feel the same way. Hence, child custody battles arise, with both partners looking to gain primary custody of their children. A family lawyer can guide you in the right direction and help you retain custody of your children.

Alternatives to Litigation

Most people think litigation is the only thing they need lawyers for, but that’s not true. Statistics show that only five percent of divorce cases make it to trial. An experienced family lawyer can help you resolve your divorce proceedings without going to court. Family law attorneys are well-versed in alternative dispute resolutions like mediation and collaborative family law, saving you time, resources, and emotional energy.


Guardianship refers to obtaining legal authority to make decisions for another individual. It can be your child or your parent. Getting guardianship can be a challenging process. Therefore, you’ll require a family lawyer who’s well-versed in guardianship requirements. Depending on the state you live in, guardianship requirements will vary. Most courts have stringent rules about who can become a guardian. For instance, courts restrict convicted felons from becoming guardians. Likewise, they also don’t allow people who have filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years to become guardians.

A family lawyer will assess the situation and devise an appropriate action plan to help you get guardianship.

A family law attorney

An Experienced Family Lawyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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